Posted by : Karen Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The New Year has begun and there is a spring in my step!

Apart from slaying my dragon (grin grin, day 3 of the new year and with much prayer I am learning!), there are a number of other resolutions I've made this year (Wonder Workshops being one of them). Last year one of my resolutions was to budget better and to plan my meals a month at a time - and I did it! Not only did I save money by doing one big shop a month, it also meant I made better use of my time. All I had to do each week was buy the fresh stuff.

And as I enter this year, I want to make better use of my time. And so I am planning, and wanted to share some links that inspired me as I prepare for the year ahead.

Planning could be my middle name, and as we journey into this year I see the value of it time and time again.  I echo the author of this post- planning takes away the worry and the angst in the day (or replace that with month, or term). If you need a jump start, Ann has a lovely daily planner.

After this Christmas, and doing the Jesse Tree as a family, I've realized that nothing just life happens when we are deliberate, when we are purposeful...and that's what I want to wring out of this  year...

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Smart Blog

I was inspired by this article first, and enjoyed reading this sample schedule, and then set about creating my own rhythms for the year in
  • my days - what do I want each day to look like? What are we going to do each day? What did I wish we had incorporated into our year last year? How can I make sure that doesn't happen again? And I LOVED this article about remembering to educate the whole child each day -  the head, the heart and then hands of our children. Such a lovely article from an inspiring mom!
  • my weeks - from the macro: when are we going to take our holidays? I've penciled in terms, and have jotted down when family are visiting from other countries in the early part of the the micro: I have an idea of when some co-curricular activities will take place, so those are already in our weekly rhythms. The other ones we'll only find out about when schools go back, so those will have to come later.
That's where I've at now. I've sketched out the Wonder Workshops for the term and planned our famous artist and musician studies. Our box day should be at the end of this week, and then I'll fine tune the plan I have for our curriculum.

If you're just starting down this journey,  or wondering where on earth to begin, might I suggest this lovely article from a veteran mom? And Nadene's wonderfully wise counsel over at Practical Pages?

Happy Planning!

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