Posted by : Karen Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yip. Can you believe it, that was the line pasted all over Time's recent magazine cover:

I've stumbled across some sentiments this last month on mothers and mothering that have really caused me to stop in my tracks, sit back and stare at the screen.

"Is this for Real?" is what I seem to keep asking myself.

This article with its inflammatory question slapped across the cover, haunts most mothers at some time or another. It's one of those arrows from the Accuser, intent on undermining how we see ourselves and the value we put on our ability to be led in Christ to mother. It just makes me sad. I've read so many responses to this cover story and to the picture, and I'm definitely leaning to the side that says, "Really? We mothers are going to war with each other about breast feeding and formula? Again? Isn't this argument as old as the hills?"

Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for breast feeding .. but are we really going to get our knickers in a knot and argue with one another again about whose way is better? Instead of nitpicking this, can't we rally together, support one another, and fight a war that is worth waging - a war of love and encouragement, a war that is for those who don't have someone to love and be loved by?

(The saddest part is that the woman photographed writes a blog - and her heart in her blog looks very different to the way the photographer and editor have portrayed her here. It's always about perspective, isn't it?)

The way you mother may look very different to me. We might make choices that are as opposed to one another as night and day. But if can I look past those differences, and really take time to understand you and your story, to understand your heart and how you made these decisions to mother the way that you do, then I think we will have come a long way. I'm pretty confident that when I take the time to give you time, then there'll be understanding.

And together, alongside one another, we can grow and help each other.

Before I go, here's another link I couldn't help but post: Rachel held Evans writes a wonderful post in response to Time'article, and I'm really looking forward to the interesting book she has coming out, on Biblical Womanhood. It's interesting to me that Proverbs 31 is so often taken to be the only Biblical mandate on what a godly woman looks like - but here she reminds us not to forget about the other remarkable women in the Bible - Rahab, Deborah, Ruth.

Food for thought, huh?

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