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I don't recall ever having done Science in junior school. Do you? My first exposure to it was in Form One, (Zimbabwe's first year of high school, equivalent to grade 8). Then for the first year we did general Science, and after that we studied Physics, Chemistry and Biology. My love...(ahem, that's a bit of a strong word)...affinity for each of these subjects was directly proportional to the quality of teaching I had. It's no surprise then, that 2 of my 3 "A" Level subjects were in the Arts!

So I am thrilled that Sonlight encourages an exposure to Science from early on. We're doing Core A/K this year, and we have had great fun trying out experiments - both ones that are in the curriculum, and ones we have found elsewhere.

In a recent co-op, one of the stellar moms showed the kids how to create their very own Science Experiment Book (the kids were so engrossed in making and decorating their own books that the experiments took second place!). King Arthur loved designing his, and it's whipped out every time we do Science. At this point, he dictates to me what he would like recorded about an experiment (one day he'll write it himself!), and then he is left to create some illustration to accompany his experiment. How wonderful to already practice the skills of investigation, observation and recording!

Science at this stage, as far as I'm concerned, has to involve a serious amount of fun and wonderful discovery. Here are just a few of our favorite experiments so far:
  • making a volcano - a simple combination of a few ingredients, and endless fun. Try using soil instead of making a dough casing, or even rocks. Pull out the toy dinosaurs and let them play! We've even done these volcanoes in bottles that we've attached dinosaur heads, hands, feet and tails to, and then it looks like the dinosaurs themselves are foaming at the mouth!

King Arthur creating his volcano.
  • magic milk - this is one from co-op, an absolute must just to see the colours for yourself! You can watch a video of it here.
  • another co-op one is blowing up a balloon with vinegar and bicarb!
  • King Arthur has also loved growing experiments - watching seeds grow, planting bulbs etc. I've found it just as fascinating, you can read my thoughts here.
King Arthur has also made his very own windmill, which he had such fun making and then showing everyone who came over! This book is packed with great ideas -

Alrighty then, so if you're feeling all inspired to go off and experiment, here are some lovely links to follow and get those young scientists discovering!
Have fun!

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  1. fantastic Karen! I loved all these links to the fun you're having. Don't you just love the Science Activities books? Full of great ideas! :) Keep enjoying it!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ah experiments are such fun, I have so enjoyed doing them. But I have learnt to have lots of ingredients available cause the fun ones you want to do over and over ;-) LOL

  3. I like the foaming at the mouth dinosaur idea, think my kids will too! Thanks for all the science links.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Karen! I am putting together a file just with experiments to do with my two boys. These ideas are sure to get them excited!
    Elize vdM

  5. Karen says:

    @Taryn: thanks for stopping by, and yes I love 'em!
    @Shell: i buy BOXES of bicarb now, and BIG bottle of vinegar! LOL
    @Nikki & ELize - pleasure!

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