Posted by : Karen Thursday, August 11, 2011

I never really expected these seeds to have such a profound impact on me.

Over the space of a few days, I've been beckoned to these glass jars on the windowsill.

I find myself looking for an excuse to snatch another peek...and then another, and yet another.

This growth? 

It's a miracle

When last did you take the time to watch something grow? 

The speed of these seeds amaze me. 
The way the hard outer casing cracks open, unfurling a shoot.
How roots have grown downwards seeking out a way in which to anchor the plant born of a desire to find nutrients.
How the seed itself contains all the food this plant needs for its initial growth.
How does the root know to grow downwards? 
Or the shoot upwards?

It's been designed. 

It's God's gift to me on this sun speckled morning on my windowsill.

And what I want to know, is just how does this seed grow?

It doesn't strive or will itself to grow.
It doesn't think positively or make an effort. 
It just naturally does what it was created to do. 

The only things this seed needed to germinate was light and water.

And that's got me pondering....

"I am the Light of the world..."

The "water of life"...the "living water"...

To see those seeds grow in my life, perhaps the secret then is being saturated in Him, basking in his light?

Food for thought huh?

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  1. lovely :-) thanks, needed that!

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