Posted by : Karen Sunday, July 24, 2011

King Arthur and I have just spent the last week learning about seeds in our Sonlight Core A (K) program. Although all three kids have been drawn into learning, I honestly think I am the one who has learnt the most!

I've loved watching their awe and wonder as they split open swollen beans to find the root and shoot - have you seen the tiny leaves inside, just waiting to unfurl, pregnant with such promise? God's Majesty and his incredible intricate design just blew me away as a lifted up those tiny leaves to show the kids - and although they were interested, they weren't quite as blown away as me!

We read some books on seeds, planted some beans in a jar, planted vegetables in our new veggie garden (woohoo!), went for walk in our neighborhood and collected as many leaves and seeds as we could (and now have to identify them) and then did some art and craft. As a child I had an aunt who could make the most amazing collages using what she had in the kitchen - pasta, seeds, beans etc. So I had this in mind when attempting this - but limited ourselves to only use what actually was a seed. The kids loved this - they even asked to do more!

Both boys chose somewhat intricate designs!

I can't even begin to tell you how much I have learned this week.

Seeds...they hold such promise.

They have such potential.

God has gently shown me how often the crows of fear and weeds of doubt have robbed me of the seeds of promise, the seeds of hope he has tried to plant there, resulting in barren soil. I have to find a way to hold on to those seeds for longer, to allow them to germinate...

And I've seen God use this topic in the curriculum to speak volumes to Aragorn. For a while now, he has been asking questions about whether aliens are real, or if they live on other planets, which isn't strange in and of itself. But he also started showing a great reluctance to go to the bathroom, and we then pieced together he was afraid of aliens hiding there. Poor thing.

In doing some research before teaching about this topic, I stumbled across this site. What a beautiful idea - learning God's word for kids gives them seeds of courage, of faith, purpose etc. (Got to love how they package it too - you get two identical full length cds when you buy one, with the idea of seed dispersal and giving one away to a friend - love, love LOVE this idea!). At this time, we're not in a position to buy one of these (some tracks are on youtube) but Totally Tots has created a whole lot of printables to go with these cds over here - so I'm going to be doing some soul gardening in the next few days!

May your seeds or promise take root this week!

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  1. Julie says:

    Awesome Karen! How inspiring!

  2. Thanks Karen. I needed this. God bless you and your family. See you soon.

  3. Loved this! We have a great one that I had as a kid called 'Hide 'em in your heart' - maybe when we next see you you can borrow!!! My kids love it!!

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