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 Leader and Founder of this Clan.
Incredible Husband.
Phenomenal Father.
Romancer of my Heart.
 Full of wisdom and a sound mind. 
Teller of great stories and writer of many.


Keeper of the clan.
Lover of stillness, solitude and
wide open spaces.
Heart strings forever strummed by
the Creator.
Avid page turner and
sculptor of words.

King Arthur: 

Noble first born son from a far off land. 
Sure footed and lover of truth. 
Great thinker,
 lover of stories,
 Lego player of note, 
adventurous bike rider 
Gymnast and Swimmer in the making.


God's Gift.
Warrior and protector of his siblings 
Gentle strength wars
 with strong gentleness. 
Golden hearted lion. 
Drawer of aliens and machines.
Lover of Arts and Craft. 
 Puzzle completer extraordinaire!

Princess Belle

 My African beauty,
 my Blessing from God's heart to mine.
 She loves to be held and to hold.
Avid reader of stories and puzzle completer.
Delighted doll player
and homemaker at heart (already!)

My Clan...

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