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I've been wanting to re-edit this page for a while.

Because the "what?" that we're doing changes as do the seasons.

And I think, like life, this function and purpose of this blog changes too.

It's no longer just about what we do and what we believe.

It's a chronicle of our journey, into the Son.

Watching him change us ever so slowly.

And as I write on this blog, I realize I write as I am led.

So for some weeks, it might just be posts of thanks for the beauty of the place in which we live, or the times we spend as a family. Or it might be sharing all the things that are presently swirling around my brain giving me food for thought. Or it may be insights into our journey as parents and homeschoolers.

Join us if you will, and see His Grace at work in us....

updated October 2011

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