Posted by : Karen Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Yes, well I thought I'd better get myself motivated and end of the term well with a little mini-Olympics, seeing as I did write up a blog post about doing the Olympics a while back!

It was really fun sitting with the kids to begin with and seeing what they knew about the Olympics - they were astonished that athletes competed in the nude, and that they had to train so hard. I think some of them were quite amused by the myths the Greeks had, and we read one about Persephone, Demeter and the seasons for fun. (King Arthur is LOVING Greek Myths at the moment! He was stoked he got to hear one again...again!).

We talked about how the athletes would take an oath to Zeus and carry the torch, and how that is such a tradition today - and then we had our own relay race up and down the road!

I had a pack of country cards I had printed and laminated from the World Cup last year, so I pulled those out and we played a few memory games with them in pairs.

 I then asked them what colors were most common on all the flags, and then showed them the Olympic rings - and we deduced their symbolism! And then we got to work painting our very own Olympic flags!

Then after our break, we got to work, holding our very own mini Olympics - well, at least, we tried in the rain! First, we tried to crack a code with numbers and letters (ït's not whether you win or lose but how you play the game that matters"). We only got a short way before I realized my plans might be thwarted by the rain so we set off to our field!

We did a race in teams to move raisins with straws from one plate to another, which had me in stitches and therefore no photos to show for it!

Then, a very amusing three legged race!

And lastly a "throwing" challenge using raw eggs - how far apart could each team move before their egg cracked? It was going well until we were pelted by rain and had to high tail it back to the house!

And lastly, a short sweet ceremony involving lovely chocolate medals from Clicks (for R9, 95 - I think they're for Father's day, but they don't say Dad on them!).

Wonderful wonder!

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  1. Shells says:

    My friend of wonder - you are a wonder and my boy loved yesterday!
    Liked the info about wrestlers being able to poke each others eyes, bite and scratch...I said I hope you never got to do that?? lol :-)
    Thank you for another term of Wonder my wonder ful friend!

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