Posted by : Karen Tuesday, June 05, 2012

This workshop was a lot of fun, as I knew some of the kids were interested in magic shows already.

We first talked about miracles, and shared miracles they'd read about or heard about, and talked about how powerful miralces were. I then attempted to show them an illustration of water turning into wine (or in my case, pink water), which didn't fool them very easily! I'd poured some jelly powder into a glass and poured a glass of warm water into it whilst concealing it in my hand...they were not fooled! It prompted a discussion about what makes a miracle a miracle and who can do a miracle - the conclusion? Only the Holy Spirit!

We then got down to some serious learning about magic tricks. I spoke about how magic tricks are just that - ways of tricking people into thinking something else. These caused some "wonder" as we did them, and hopefully if you try them out they will too!

  • We tried the toothpick and dishwashing liquid trick, which worked like a charm when I tested it, and failed dismally on the day! Nevertheless, the underlying premise works on surface tension, and this simple milk experiment with food colors sent everyone into joyous delight - and we did it twice today! No matter how often I do this with my kids it never gets old! Got to love the looks on their faces!

literally leaping off his chair to see another swirl
 across the table!

such wonderful delight!

  •   We attempted to make money grow with this magic coin and paper plate dish - the first time I did this with them they were well and truly fooled - that is, all except a certain up and coming magician!

Aragorn showing off his secret panel with the
soon to be Magician in the background!

  • This other trick worked like a charm on almost everyone, except those moms talented in the art of identifying lines! My boys have enjoyed doing it over and over to family - so simple and yet so effective - take a look at this card trick and try your hand at kidnapping the queen.
Magic, miracles and wonder!

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  1. Shells says:

    This was awesome to has inspired Taine to buy a magic box with more the shows we are getting! Thanks again Wonder woman ;-)

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