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(Please read this post here to see where this story begins, and this one for the first chapter's nuggets...)

"How can I be godly and sensuous?" is the question at the heart of Dillow and Pintus' second chapter, and one that I think possibly can reverberate in the heads of Christian women. Can a godly wife be sensuous? Have Christian women denied their sensuousness in a quest to become godly?

Webster defines sensuous as "pertaining to the senses; appealing to the senses, alive to the pleasure received through the senses''. Sensuous is a positive term whereas sensual, on the other hand, is most often used in the negative, referring to an unrestrained sexual appetite, which is always wrong and ungodly (Gal 5:19).

When God created us female, he integrated our sexuality and our spirituality -  He meant for the spiritual and sexual to melt together. Why else would God take the ultimate sexual act, sexual intercourse, between a husband and wife, and liken it to the ultimate spiritual experience, the union of Christ and the Church? (Eph 5: 31-32). Many women have thanked God that He knit them together in their mother's wombs, that he made them fearfully and wonderfully (PS 139:13-14) ...but what they fail to acknowledge is that their sexuality is part of their physical make up. Have you ever thanked God that when he knit your physical make up together, part of His embroidery was your sexuality? Our sexuality and spirituality and not separate and divided - Vonette Bright beautifully describes it: "It is as important to be filled with the Spirit in bed with your husband, ministering to him, as it is for you to be filled with the Spirit when you are teaching the Bible or ministering.

Once we grasp how intricately God has created us; how our sexuality and spirituality are linked; that as godly women we can indeed be sensuousness we can find freedom.

In studying the Song of Songs Dillow & Proust draw out some lessons that can be learnt from Shulamith, Solomon's bride (go take a look, they're not making it up - these are the lessons God has painted there for us!):
  1. She is responsive
  2. She is adventurous 
  3. She is uninhibited 
  4. She is expressive 
  5. She is sensuous 
I love the encouragement they give at the end of this chapter - that the place to start enacting change is not in the bedroom but on your knees. Changed actions are the result of changes attitudes, and changed attitudes begin with prayer....

Ask him for a new mind, an undivided heart, and for his help to make you into the sensuous lover he created you to be...

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