Posted by : Karen Sunday, November 06, 2011

It's strange being a blogger.

Choosing to write things out for others to read.

To perhaps feel.

It's strange putting your heart on the line day after day, night after night.

Strange to say hello to people who may have read your words the night before....

or to say hello to people who don't even know you write a blog.

But stranger still, is the fact that I love it.

I LOVE to write...

(Eric Liddle: "When I run I feel his pleasure", Chariots of Fire)

But here's the thing...

I've struggled for a while, with many things in the blogging world.

The old war of wanting people to like what I write, wanting to be well known, wanting to be well thought of, not wanting to be misunderstood.....

Why o why is that so important to my selfish ego? Cringe....

And I struggle with focus - I thought initially I'd just be a blogger about family. Then I thought I'd define  myself as a homeschool blogger. Then I realised that  I can't possibly NOT blog about what thoughts go around inside my head - I've got to get them down.

And over the last few days God has slammed it into my chest.

I can not blog like anyone else.

I can not fit into any one else's niche.

I am Karen. Fearfuly, wonderfully unique.

And so, I can only hope to blog authentically.

So right now, the blog is void of homeschool posts, and choc a block full of posts on marriage... because my heart is heavy for marriages right now....

and Now I know.

I write where the Spirit leads me.

 Sometimes this.

Sometimes that.

But always Him.

Got to love this lovely Blogger's prayer from Ann over at A Holy Experience - go on over to download and print it for free...

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  1. So often i want to push a like button on your posts-a comment box makes me feel i have to write something meaningful.......which is silly i know, but typing one word would be just as silly. Just thought I'd let you know (so you don't need to check out those silly stats which sometimes drives our silly ego;-)

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