Posted by : Karen Sunday, June 12, 2011

More and more as I journey along this path I catch glimpses of what we are called to 'do' as parents, what we are called to 'be' as parents.

And just this last week, I have been seeing the fruits of this.

King Arthur, over the last few days, has overcome some hurdles in his life that have threatened to cripple him.

In the first instance, attending a local fun club, great strength was required on my part to stretch him out of his comfort zone, knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that he would love what he was doing his utmost to avoid. I dropped off a tearful, upset boy, and an hour and a half later picked up an exuberant, proud, cheerful, glowing child.

The second one involved his gymnastics competition. To date these too have been approached with tears and great reluctance, but after some God sent words this weekend through his dad, King Arthur rose to the occasion and approached this competition with a great spirit - whistling throughout. We are so proud of him for doing his best - and isn't that what any one of us should want?

It is our job to prayerfully consider when to stretch them out of their comfort zones and show them how much fun can be had....and I am loving watching my eldest overcome his fears, and developing a positive attitude.

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