Posted by : Karen Friday, June 10, 2011

As many of you know, we're part of a co-op (homeschool jargon for families meeting together to learn co-operatively, or working together), and today's focus was a tea party, set in the 1930's. Lady J hosted it, and it was just lovely - the kids and the moms really getting into the spirit of things...

an impressive table hey? And set at kids height, they
all sat on cushions - a feast fit for a king!

Aragorn's costume

Belle's dress

The clan

Lady J and her clan follow Konos, and this was one activity she chose to do to illustrate what they had been learning about Patience. The children were encouraged to use their manners to ask for things to be passed to them, and they did very well indeed!

Young Misses

I was pleased to sneak in a photo of miss J here! Don't these girls just look lovely?

And now for the lads, the masters, the gangsters!

King Arthur DID NOT like the hat!

a gangster look?!

the food... and master T
Aragorn and I

Lady S and Miss P

Lady J sharing etiquette for High Tea

the feast (ahem, the food was really good enough to warrant this
many photos of it!)

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  1. Thandi says:

    They all look so adorable! Homeschooling is the BEST! I wonder if others out there will ever appreciate the amount of time and energy that goes into homeschooling.

  2. Karen says:

    Thanks Thandi! Glad you've found some SA Homeschooling blogs! Hope to see you more...

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