Posted by : Karen Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This week has started and I feel, at long last, as though I have found myself again.

attempting to make leaf angels!

I've found a little more balance and have come to a place where I feel much more centered...actually, anchored would be a more fitting word. I find myself constantly pressing into God, where I find the comfort he so readily gives.

I've made some changes - some small, some big; some for a season, some for now, some for forever perhaps! 

Trying to tick all of Sonlight's boxes has been a challenge for me for a long time, and although I have steadily unwound and relaxed, this year I have taken it even a little further. Part of my breakdown was just trying to fit everything in, and getting so frazzled when we weren't covering all that we needed too across the board each day. It was exasperating me! The changes that I've made have brought me a greater freedom, although I don't think that I have finished tweaking it at all!

I so identified with Nadene on fitting in the best parts and also found this post so helpful - and so I now structure my days into disciplined studies and inspirational studies:
  • The boys now know that there is an allocated time for disciplined studies, which I've broken up into maths, writing and spelling/creative expression (and for Jonathan, reading). I also realized that trying to do Explode the Code, Wordly Wise, Language Arts etc was just too much for us each and every day, so now I've chosen one book each for the boys, and that's what we're going to work through from start to finish, and then we'll choose another book. I've also put time limits on our disciplined studies. Aragorn has such a beautiful creative spirit in him, if left to his own devices for even a moment he can draw aliens crawling out of numbers, and turn his letters into monsters get the picture. So I've limited them to 20-30 minutes for each disciplined study, and if they don't finish within that time, then they need to do it on their own for 'homework'- when it hurts them most - like when dad gets home, or when there's a turn on iPad or something like that. Aragorn has suffered this consequence once and I haven't had to do it again!
  •  When it comes to our Inspirational studies, we no longer try to do Geography, History and Science each day either. King Arthur can handle a program like that with ease, but Aragorn is not wired that way at all. Part of my finding balance is continuing to stretch King Arthur's very capable brain, whilst helping Aragorn along in these early years. Our days were just too crowded with fitting in these subjects, and so I made the change to Unit Studies in April, which I created  from my existing Sonlight Core C curriculum for this year. We spent a whole month on Vikings, and now we're doing Science for a month or so (we're using Apologia's Flying Creatures, and are simply doing Birds this month). Then I plan to do the Medieval studies from Core C, and then, well, we'll see, I haven't planned further than that yet!

I feel myself being drawn along a path that leads me to ask - am I really inspiring learning, and that love of learning each day? And than can be a heavy burden to bear if one lets it, but I'm finding it easier as I relax into our journey a wee bit more, and keep asking God to lead, to show me, to point out the way forward.
After all, it's He who knows what their life will hold, and what they really need to be prepared for.

And as for me? I'm learning to find what really feeds my heart, and am learning to spend my time more wisely, and not spread myself so thing. Not always an easy task, but one I'm embracing!

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  1. Grr - I tried writing a comment and then it got lost. Grr! :-) Said that I totally identify with the son drawing animals and monsters in his letters and numbers. Sam does that All. The. Time. Drives me nuts! I get the creativity of it and the just boyness of it, but... There is always that BUT. Perhaps it is helpful to remember that this side of heaven there will always be BUTS that highlight our imperfections and the imperfections of our world! :-) Anyway, this is just to say that I am so with you! Totally glad that you are feeling more sane in the pace of things though. And, in case you thought that I've forgotten - I've been mulling over your question from last week. I will attempt to answer it soon! It's one for those long afternoon discussions!

  2. Karen says:

    Thanks T - so looking forward to those long conversations too - and so glad I'm not alone with alien infested letters!

  3. Julie says:

    Amplifying His voice is ample isn't it!! We can feel overwhelmed by the apparent expectations of others! Thanks for sharing K

  4. Aaaaaah, yes! Find what really feeds your heart......the Bread of Life, run to Him for only HE has the answers for YOUR life. No comparing needed when you get your answers from the Shepherd that glad to hear you are getting answers! Lots of Love Nix

  5. Carlien says:

    Dear Karen, I've just caught up with your blog this evening after months away.. wow.. you have been on a challenging journey, thank you for sharing parts of it here. Thinking of you.. and I'll email you directly tonight too. Lots of love from the ship!

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