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(There seem to have been very few Hero Factory parties out there - so forgive me if there is TMI in this post, but my hope is it will help other moms who may be needing to create a HF party for their sons :) Be sure to check out Aragorn's Hero Factory Party too!)

Saturday dawned, and I was relieved to see the sun... then it disappeared for a bit and I'll be honest, I fretted, but by the time the afternoon rolled around, it was a stellar day! This is the first year Braveheart and I have had our kids' birthdays in the afternoon, and it's so much more relaxed! No more creating cakes near midnight on a Friday night! 

On Saturday morning we decorated....(low key this day, too much wind!)

The happy birthday boy who had been anticipating this day for weeks...
I can't believe my firstborn is 8...

 Once everyone had blown off some steam, we explained how this Hero Factory Party would work: it was a Rookie Training Camp (seeing as I knew most of the boys had watched Hero Factory Rise of the Rookies). First they would need to complete their training and then they would be "tested" in a battle at the end of the day. I told them I would be the Alpha Leader, Stormer XL, and take them through their paces. Now you do understand, that I actually don't know very much about Hero Factory - and as I kept telling them what they were supposed to be doing, I kept being corrected by some passionate HF fans! So you may need to check out the correct terminology with your sons before you re-create any of this :)

got to love his glee!
The first task was to charge their cores - which they had to do by creating a fruit kebab of many different fruits (so that no two colors touched each other, and having at least one piece of each fruit on the kebab). I had marked two lines on the kebabs so they knew how full to make it. Some kids made three kebabs!

The next part of their training was to see if they could form "power cells" (the force field that keeps the Heroes safe from the Villains) by playing "mingle mingle". "Mingle Mingle" is a wonderful game whereby the kids just run around and you yell out a number - say 2. Then they have to form groups of 2, or shout out 5, and they form groups of 5 etc. Whoever is not in a group is out, and can either choose the next number and go back in, or you can whittle away the group until there is a winner. I shouted out 1 just for fun a couple of times, and 19 - the total number of kids we had on Saturday!

Then we had some target practice, whereby we split them into groups and they had to try and hit down all the cans within a short space of time - running and throwing, what more do boys need?

The final part of their training was to see if they could create backup should they need it in the field. Again, I split them into three groups, Red (Ferno), Green (Breeze) and Blue (Stringer). I gave each child in each group a number from 1-6. They then had to go and find a previously hidden packet with a corresponding red, green or blue number on it. These packets had a Hero broken up into 6 groups of pieces - namely two legs, two arms, weapon and head/helmet. So number one from Red team had to go and find a packet with a red number one on it - make sense? And the next person could only go and find the next part once the other team member had returned.

Sadly some of the packets were hidden only too well
and there was a little bit of frustration!

Then it was time for the Rookies to be rewarded for their hard work - with my first ever ice cream cake!
I love their faces when their cakes are brought out - we try to
make them a surprise :)

Boys will be boys!
Then the battle commenced! The Rookies graduated and now had to face Von Nebular (Braveheart) in war!
Again, we divided them into three groups (just so kids turns could come around sooner, otherwise waiting for 18 other kids takes too long!). The front three kids could run and hit Braveheart with water balloons, or try to, for 15 seconds. The others were encouraged to try and hold them down. When time was up, he would yell a number, and they would have to form "mingle mingle" groups, and whoever was left out got sprayed with a water gun! The boys were delighted!

And finally present time...

  King Arthur was so blessed by every one's generosity...

 And the take home bags were Hero Defence Packs (with smoke bombs, water balloons and poppers)

Belle sums up the day for me entirely...

A great party and well worth the effort to hear King Arthur say it was the best party ever!

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