Posted by : Karen Saturday, July 28, 2012

At the end of last term I had reached the end of myself - I was shattered. And although the holidays had started, the pace of life didn't seem to change, and as they wore on I realized that we really needed to get away to have a break. As a homeschooling mom, there really isn't much downtime (hang on, as a mother, I don't think there's much downtime!), but Braveheart realized what a fragile state I was in, and so blessed us with going away for a few days. 

A dear friend arranged for us to stay in their family holiday home in Pringle Bay. I think my children thought we'd left the country, as they were in the sea so often in the first few days! Can you believe the extremes? One week a day trip into the snow, the next a swim in the sea!

I owe it to mention how much I appreciate the fact it is Braveheart in the water with them,
and not me!
Cold little bodies!

Love the delight!

In exploring we discovered a rocky area that so reminded me of a "moonscape"
on the Rooi Els side, and loved rambling over the rocks

We met a marine biologist on the rocks at Betty's Bay, and King Arthur learnt so much from her.
This is definitely where is heart is leaning at the moment, into conservation and the environment,
and I'm loving watching him!
One day we ran from the weather and outsmarted it, managing to find good weather. We stopped in at the Harold
Porter Botanical Gardens...

 Then the weather turned, the wind blew...can you believe this is sand not snow!

And then the rain beat us - and the cold front stayed ...

 but we stayed indoors and played card games from my childhood, Rummikub and puzzles!

Look at these fire damaged trees - we called them Tiger Trees!

 It was a gorgeous time away, restorative, refreshing and invigorating!

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