Posted by : Karen Sunday, July 29, 2012

So after our idyllic slice of heaven on last week, Monday morning dawned and one the way to school we were involved in an accident. It shook the kids and I quite a bit, and thankfully no one was hurt. I am so very thankful we are so particular about seat belts and even more so now, even on the stretches we are a little lax on before (you know, when you're *just* going around the corner?).

It's been horrible dealing with the accident, and dealing with the other driver. An accident is just what it is, an accident - a mistake. In this case, we were very fortunate that there was neighborhood watch footage of the accident, which has helped considerable. Braveheart as always, was amazing. I am so thankful for his strength that he so readily lends me, his stability, his calm and logical way of dealing with things, adn the way he is taken over the nitty gritty of this. The car doesn't look too bad here (the other one is badly damaged), but it's now a waiting game whilst insurance companies get their ducks in a row.

Starting the week like that threw me off a bit, especially as it was our first week back doing "school" with King Arthur, and the Cape Explorers launch. But, we got there, thanks to the support of Braveheart and friends who listened to my angst!

Cape Explorers launched this week, and it was such fun! It's an awesome group of kids and lovely moms, and I'm just looking forward to our journey. I used my kids as examples in playing a name game ice breaker...

Belle remained attached to my leg for
 most of the day!

I'm so thankful for this home -
we used every conceivable room and table!
Painting shirts in the garage!

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