Posted by : Karen Saturday, March 31, 2012

March and October are the busiest months in this household. March because of the Argus, and therefore Nana and Pops visit from Zimbabwe, and October because three of clan celebrate their birthday then! This March was particularly busy as I held a surprise 60th for my dad, and family friends also came down from Zimbabwe. When real life kicks into top gear, writing a blog has to take a back seat!

And although I've missed it, I love responding quickly to the different seasons I find myself  in; it helps me to realign my priorities. A snippet on what's been learnt so far though includes the realization that this blog must serve me rather than me serving it: and that's led me to ask some large questions. Why am I writing? For whom? What do I want to get out of it? Is its season over? I know I periodically ask these questions (I seem to be a very cyclical person :)), but I like knowing that I'm in the right season for the right time....

So without further ado, here's a little recap of life within the clan during March...

Fishing with pops with rods he and Nana blessed the kids with...

wearing Pops' shirt because Belle was cold after swimming in
the sea - she'll swim anywhere, anytime :)

King Arthur's first gala - so proud of him!

Belle's first proper haircut - she loved it!

Aragorn and Belle writing in cuneiform on clay tablets...

Needless to say I have no idea what this says!

Making a Sumerian cylinder seal....

 And then, whilst Braveheart was in Wales, we went to Onrus with Nana and Pops. We stayed in the lovely Skye Cottage, and O, what a treat! It felt like a home away from home, wonderfully and thoughtfully equipped with everything you could think of that you might need. My children loved it, and I soaked up the little village of Onrus. I loved how unpretentious Onrus felt compared to its neighbour, Hermanus.

My clan loved swimming in the lagoon, which felt MUCH warmer than the sea!

Belle coercing Pops to take her into the deeper part of Davies Pool. The
water was FREEZING!

Going for a wee paddle up the Onrus river

The boys weren't so eager to enter the chilly water!

There's this lovely rock that looks just like a chair at the edge of the 
tidal pool!

Now that she was frozen solid, she persuaded dear Pops
to carry her back along this lovely paved walk that links Sandbaai, 
Onrus and Vermont to one another.

We visited Hermanus one day, and I can recommend the Whale Museum.
My kids even asked to go back there at the end of the day!

Got to love holidays - when else do you eat ice creams 
in your pj's?

I'm catching up now, and only because the Clan are all out! The children are having a sleep over at their cousins, and Braveheart is out watching rugby. I'm feeling so refreshed having these few hours to myself to do with what I want - a lovely treat!

May your weekend be blessed!

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