Posted by : Karen Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's Sunday evening, and I want to blog, truly I do....but where the brain is willing the body is reluctant! So here's a photo catch up of our first week of 'school' this term!

Aragorn's enjoying his extended holiday from
school, and we're loving having him start this journey
with us too...
and Science experiments are high on his list
of what he enjoys the most!
Here, he's examining the properties of magnets
on the rabbits fence...

King Arthur testing his magnets...

Aragorn, as pleased as punch that he made a word
from these letter cards - love watching him learn!
King Arthur was chuffed with these Jungle Beat book covers
(aren't they cool?!)
Aragorn and Belle also decided they needed books!

doing some Maths...

we're making Art a high priority this year...

Aragorn designing matching fish for the magnet game -
I'm also ensuring there's a real balance
of straight learning, and learning through fun
this year...

playing the game...

Can you see by this umbrella there was NO wind
on Saturday?! Blissful beach weather!
Glen Cairn tidal pool - all to ourselves!
It's a hidden treasure I tell you!

I love these boys, they warm my heart!


And these boys - no, not laying in the golden sand, but in the
SOIL nearby! Had to just smile! Think they found it warmer!

I do hope your first week back has been fun and good...this Clan is loving 2012!

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