Posted by : Karen Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Today dawned, hot and windless - a typical start to the school term! I always feel sorry for kids who return to school on a perfect weather day!

Our start was started with this "back to school" celebration cake (please note all the figurines on the cake were added per Aragorn's request: he was the only one in on the surprise as he just LOVES baking!)

This lovely multi-colored cake idea was inspired by a friend who truly made a rainbow cake (think it was 7 layers?) for her daughter's first birthday. Neat idea hey?

And after a breakfast of pancakes (a treat during the week in our household!), we took Belle to her first day at her new nursery school. She is such a confident young girl, so relaxed and sure of herself - I'm looking forward to watching her blossom here this year!

And then the boys and I returned and began our day. I think we got through about a third of what I had planned, but I loved how calm our day was, and how much they appeared to enjoy it. I structured it so that one boy could work independently on something whilst I worked one on one with the other one, and I loved how they flowed with the structure. During their "highs and lows" at the dinner table they both shared school was one of  their highs - love that they can say that of their first day!

And this afternoon we spent at a "Back to School/ Not back to School" party on the common - I was so busy talking and meeting new moms and catching up with old moms that I didn't take a single photo! It was lovely to see the common full of kids though!

I hope your return to term (if you have one) has gone well!

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  1. Donette says:

    I love your Idea of a cake!
    Am putting this in my "things" to do for next year

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