Posted by : Karen Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The first carnival of this year features the spaces in which we school, as well as the different places - so come on in and peek into our space.

We spend most time this summer working in the garden on a camping table we were blessed with for Christmas - it's sturdy and great for everything! Work, painting, dinners! How we  love summer!

Our trampoline doubles as a place of exercise, as well as a really comfy reading mat, or in this case a place to crouch whilst looking at a Math book!

Then we have my favorite space in our house - the study. This is a room that bridges the family parts of the house ( our kitchen, dining room and  lounge etc) with the bedrooms. I love it, because it is a designated space for everything to do with school. There's the old dining room table I use as my desk- and I was going to tidy it for you, then I thought that may be misleading lest you think I keep it tidy all the time!

This is my command center, the bridge, the hub. It looks onto the garden and gets beautiful morning light, and oh how I do so love sunlight! Rays come streaming in during the winter months!

Then this is one set of book shelves - I would love to find a desk to fit under these one day, and perhaps then let the table in this room be for the boys to work on. See, because it has so much clutter on it, we inevitable spill onto the dining room table :). I love books, dream of one day having a library! So these are books I've read in different seasons of my life that I can't yet part with...

And the other bookshelf - again, one day I want to put up rows of white shelves like the other side, but for now, this is what we have! Their daily working files live here, as well as exercise books, stationary and scrap paper - drawing stuff is always available.

And oh how I love this house, because if you turn around there are yet more shelves and cupboards! All our Sonlight texts live here, games in the cupboard as well as sewing things, and all our reference material.

And there you have it. In doors, out doors, wherever we may be! 

This post is part of the SACH carnival!

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  1. Wendy says:

    love all those shelves!

  2. Love all that our door learning happening! Exciting stuff! :-) thanks for sharing your spaces and places. Just lovely!!

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