Posted by : Karen Friday, December 09, 2011

I am loving all the Advent calendar ideas I'm seeing.... and we've incorporated some into our daily holiday routine. I love how much the kids look forward to these little traditions....

After we've done breakfast and tidied the house, we take a peek at this online advent calendar, which gets us going for the day...(and if it's a stunning wind free day, we do this as down time in the afternoon!)

This one is from Activity Village: a joke a day, usually a song to listen to and sing along, and some wonderful art and craft too!

Then we go over here, and look at how somewhere else in the world celebrates Christmas, and stick a sticker on the world map.

And I'm storing these ideas for next year!

  • And as always, Se7en has a plethora of advent ideas, my favorite of which is scheduling in time for board games and things to do as a family...

  • I love this idea of using books as an advent calendar - a Christmas story a day...and why not use books from the library to do this (unless you do want to own 24 Christmas themed books!) On second thoughts, buy just one to own a year...hmmm...I'm onto something!

  • Kirsty Wiseman shares this advent calendar made from clothes pegs - 
  • And this lovely one (we're not hugely into Santa as a clan, but these just looked cute!) 
  • And this Santa one comes with this cute rhyme  - 
Santa's beard is very bare
On his chin there is no hair!
So each day add a puff of white
When they're all on, he'll come that night! :)

And Aragorn made this lovely one at school :

Happy advent!

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  1. Helen says:

    Wow! What great links and ideas - I'm definitely going to borrow some! Thanks.

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