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I don't know about you, but every year as the month of December progresses (and especially within the homeschooling circles we're involved in) I see so many crafts and traditions that I'd love to tie into our clan. Now, it just gets plain stressful trying to do this all in one year, so each year I collect the ideas I'd like to try, and schedule them for the following year! (and hope I remember!)

This year I'm aiming (note that word!) to run a Christmas Craft day where the kids can invite their friends and get crafting! So here's a selection of things we've done so far, or that are on our "to do" list this Christmas:

We've made these beautiful hearts from
old magazines...the possibilities are endless with
different paper and sizes....and O so easy!

These we refer to as the onion bulb ones!

Simple tutorial is here

Using a blown up balloon and some coloured wool, you can make these wonderful balls of thread. We've made some, of varying sizes, and we're using the tiny ones (water balloons)  for table decorations and on the tree, and the larger ones, ahem, well theoretically we'll hang them from the ceiling or something (haven't quite figured out that one yet!! Ours, (sadly no photos) are in traditional green and red, and some have been spray painted gold. They're pretty straight forward to make, albeit messy - you'll need glue (which you water down), vaseline (to smother the balloons with), balloons and wool. Made nicely, these will rival upmarket department store balls!

Find tutorials over at The Twinery and Juicy Bits respecively
And here are some lovely ideas for you to go away with (oh yes, these are in my "to do" basket for next year!): 

This lovely angel can be made by following this tutorial

And I'm loving these sweet little trees one could make too

And these snowflakes from earbuds (I know it's culturally inappropriate but still!):

And lastly, aren't these candles so inspirational? I think they're going to end up in my home made gifts this year! 
glitter bands with double sided tape

this one's been covered in tissue paper
And finally, another gift idea for kiddies from Martha Stewart:

Happy Christmas Crafting!

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  1. I just visited a candle wholesale place today.....wish I'd seen this post first! I guess it means another drive over the mountain :-)

  2. Lovely ideas, thank you for sharing...

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