Posted by : Karen Sunday, September 18, 2011

We were privileged to go away with some friends this weekend to Langebaan - a place I last explored when King Arthur was only 9 months old! We left at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning (to make the rugby you understand!) and then stayed overnight in a lovely plettenberg (a step up from camping!).

Saturday morning was sunny and wind free - and what a delight to be in such surroundings whilst rugby was on! We had a blast on the beach!

Then we took a drive into the West Coast National park to see the wild flowers....

...and kept helping all sizes of tortoises across the road....

  Some little people got very bored during the drive and made bread rolls into gloves!

But getting to the flowers was so worth it....

 By the end of the day, the wind had picked up and the boats were chasing the wind in the bay...

Sunday morning was chilly and overcast, but that didn't stop us from being back on the beach! hunting, and finding Belle a shell ring.....

My soul is full - a stunning, refreshing, revitalizing weekend with good feels like I have been away for a week!

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  1. Sounds fabulous my friend!!!

  2. Jenni C's says:

    lovely photo' the west coast..

  3. What fantastic photos of Langebaan and Family! Love Mark.

  4. Karen says:

    @ Mark and Lau - thanks, perhaps one day you can join us there too!
    @Jenni C - I was so pleased with how they came out!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Glad you had a good time - and yes lovely photos. Ah we love the west coast, have spent many wonderful times camping all the way up - it has a natural raw beauty!!
    Glad you are refreshed sweet friend. Shell

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