Posted by : Karen Monday, July 18, 2011

'School' is back in session! The third term of schooling has begun in the sunny Western Cape! For me, that means that my younger two go back to their pre-schools, and King Arthur and I  'do' school here at home.

Last night was pivotal for me. For me, knowing what I'm doing, why I'm doing it and how I'm going to do something is really important before I am confident to move ahead. During the holidays I attended the Footprints open day, and purchased Wendy Young's Handbook for South African Homeschoolers. Much of it was something I had already known, but what was refreshing was hearing it again from a South African perspective. The one thing I really enjoyed was looking at how she writes out her goals for each of her children at the beginning of the year - not only academic, but characteristics she wants them to focus on, mastering chores, spiritual goals etc. Last night all of those strings came together for me, all the strings God has been highlighting...

I spent ages assessing where King Arthur was, writing down some short term goals I wanted to encourage him to reach this term, and planning the nitty gritty stuff too - we finished off last term mid week (imagine how much this goes against my grain!), so this week is about wrapping up loose ends from last term and then moving forward. I was even led to look at Aragorn in a clearer light - these are the aspects of parenting that matters -  the 'stuff' that will last, not the academics.

The day dawned...and from start to finish it has been one of those golden days. You know the ones? Where everything just flows so effortlessly? True, I was organised last night - with pre-packing lunch boxes and preparing to teach for my day, but it was more than that. It is the spring in my step. The pleasure. The delight in this road we're on.

This morning, I sent everyone off to school with smiles, watched them wrap their tiny arms around friends they hadn't seen over the holidays, wide grins stretching from ear to ear. I watched them hug friends so hard they lifted them off the ground and fell over. I watched them embrace teacher's legs. And King Arthur and I had an awesome day - giving him a three week break as opposed to continuing to teach him (like I had intended :)) has been the best thing ever. He was such an eager and willing student, and even welcomed the outdoor science discovery walk I spontaneously decided to do!

I picked up positively glowing children, and spent a lovely chilled afternoon at home! That I think was also key to the golden hue of the day - not rushing anywhere to see anyone or do co-curriculars. (Our holidays were way too busy with trying to see friends etc, that I blocked out the last week just for us, and it was so worth it!). Everything is slowing easing us into the pace of this term, and I am for the first time, not rushing ahead.

So, here's to many, many more golden days this term!

ps have yet to pack any lunches for tomorrow!

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  1. Julie says:

    Yes indeed, I do see God's grace in yr life! A combination of utter contentment and reliance upon the Lord. I love reading yr blogs Karen, you are such an inspiration! keep writing!

  2. Anonymous says:

    You go girl!

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