Posted by : Karen Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My dear friend Laura has recently just updated her blog with their latest news with their charity work – setting up a home for 15 deserving under-privileged “A” Level students, and educating them.

And as I read the work she and her husband are doing, the sacrifices they are making personally and as a family living in Zimbabwe, I am reminded of Jesus.

Truly I am. The secret to this life? To living a successful life?

Is this: the more we try to find our lives, make our lives, carve out a life for us to live, the more we will fail.

For sure.

But, the more we lose it, the more we lay it down, the more we give up our time/effort/energy, (you fill in the blanks..)

it is then that we truly begin to have a life worth living, worth embracing.

And how do we do that? All in our own callings?

It can only be

in Him.

Through Him.

With Him.

For Him.  

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