Posted by : Karen Friday, June 17, 2011

King Arthur has developed somewhat of an aversion to workbooks and being taught maths out of a book - which leaves me a daily challenge of creativity... (not to mention some work ahead of me on attitude and habit training!)! 

Here's a glimpse of how I made maths creative the other day - 

Recycling milk bottle tops, we wrote numbers on them.
Where the lid was a darker color, we used masking tape

Then we placed them on the floor, and he got his
First we did some simple additions to warm him up. Then I increased the challenge. I would call out a number - say 17, and King Arthur would have to pick up as many bonds of 17 as he could and place them on the table. The challenge was to see how many bonds he could create for a single number - I think he won on 19 as he created 8 bonds!

Then he found them and picked them up!

Bonds of 15

Bonds of 19

I think this would work well on a number of levels, even using tongs from the kitchen! Perhaps tweezers and smaller counters would increase fine motor skills too? He had fun today, doing Maths, and for now, that's all that counts!

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  1. WoW, what a creative way to practise bonds. I must remember that next time my "worksheet resistant" 3rd grader protests at doing his Maths.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What a good idea! I can use something similar for my preschooler just by calling out a number and he has to find it.
    Elize vdM

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