Posted by : Karen Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ever wondered what to do with all the recycling that gathers each week?

Collect it, store it, then invite some eager young minds to get creative!

Co-op last Friday was at our house, and was themed "Creator-Inventor-Designer". As I'm aware some moms are a bit nervous about doing/starting/hosting co-op, I'd like to show you just how simple they can be, but how much fun can be had!

As I write this I'm so aware that this might begin to sound like a lesson plan (that's the high school teacher in me coming out!), but I can assure you that although this was the PLAN, and it was ever present in my mind - it was only that, a plan! I'm not entirely sure that it was executed in the same way :)

I began by reading a Bible story about creation, and asking the kids if they knew what an inventor/creator/designer was. Whilst reading I'd given them bubble wrap to pop, as our co-op has a number of boisterous boys for whom sitting still and listening is their biggest challenge - I figured if I could keep their hands busy it might keep their mouths closed! Success rate? 50%!

After sending them out to run and jump a bit, they came back in and read a "Harry and the Robots" (a delightful story of Harry making robots to blast away Nan's cough). It clearly appealed to the boys as there was SILENCE! (interesting what engages children isn't it?).

I'd really hoped that they would catch what God had laid on my heart -

within each of us is this innate creativity,
that comes from God,
to be used for him.

And when we, as mothers, parents, or even children, operate in that creativity we bless others.

In the story, Harry blesses his Nan's heart and cheers her up, and I wanted the kids to see how easily they can create, and to catch something of the delight in creating. And I loved their creativity!

a light sabre...

a robot....

a  flower

and with boys, the invariable sword fight!

And as always, no co-op is complete without some food!

Belle made sure she had the best seat!

basking in the sun!
And even after co-op, the creativity just keeps flowing!
Belle was inspired by the other robot,
and asked to make one together

King Arthur with camera, tank, and light sabre!

(ps I've deliberately cropped some photos as some moms prefer not to have photos of their kids on the internet...)


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  1. ah! I love love LOVE the fun the kids have with box construction. You've inspired me to do it again! Thank you :) Also gotta love the fun you can do with other families in a co-op.

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