Posted by : Karen Thursday, June 30, 2011

We're in the middle of a manically busy week - crazy how that happens when my youngest two are home on holiday. Craving some silent still time, I curled up in bed last night with my journal, my thoughts and God. 

That still sweet silent time was glorious. It fed my soul.

And as often happens, when you offer up time to God, he shows up. And I was really blown away last night. 

I am a maker of men.

It's true. (And of a woman :)).

Too often we "stay-at-home" moms can feel we are nothing because we don't have a 'career', or do anything of importance, and all too often we can lose sight of the truth and allow insecurities and fear to grab a hold of us.

Last night I got it. Really deeply got it.

That my JOB, what I do every day, day in and day out, is not simply running a house and looking after children. 

My job is to make my boys into men. And to make my princess into a woman.

To mold them, to tease out their strengths, to encourage them in their weaknesses. It's to shape their characters, all the while, looking forward to the day when Braveheart and I can send them flying out of our home straight as an arrow. And do you know what? Last night I grasped how privileged I am that I do that every day. How awesome it is to be a part of that each and every day. How important this is when they are so young, when we are still their primary care givers, when we still exert the most influence in their lives. It's no good waiting till they tweens, or teenagers. It begins even now, with all the training, the disciplining, all the seemingly insignificant things.

Dare I try and do this alone? Not at all. 

I need God. 

Without him I doubt very much I can pull this off.

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