Posted by : Karen Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On Monday morning I honored Aragorn by taking him to the Natural History Museum in the center of Cape Town. This little boy has been itching to go for weeks, and to treasure his heart, we packed a picnic, phoned Granny and Grandpa and set off for the day...

 the whale skeleton is always a hit

we did every nook and cranny in this museum!

he loved the bears...

but the dinosaurs? They took first prize!
  Just as an aside, my first prize would have to be the interactive globe of the world that they have on the first floor - straight up the stairs as you enter the museum. Seriously. As a geography teacher, that HUGE globe just wowed me. Powered by a touch screen, with the simple push of a button you can show your kids the wind systems, ozone layers, temperature of the sea, what the world looks like at night etc. Truly awesome I tell you.

Hmm, fingers hover. You know what actually? I think my best would have to be listening to King Arthur as we walked around, listening to him volunteer bits of information that made me see how much he has taken in this year without me even realizing it. Listening to his learning just warmed my heart....

Hmm...Looking rather solemn as they looked into Grandpa's camera

After being wowed by the Shark's mouth, we moved outside into the
beautiful Company Gardens...

Something about this photograph (the one above) captures the innocence of my children, their enjoyment of the day, and the bonds that exist between them. I just love it!

All the children were enamored by the squirrels, especially when they could almost touch them. Something tells me we'll need to make our first foray into the pet world soon!

Look at that sky!
 A lovely outing indeed!

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  1. What fun!! Matt would love a visit there one day!!! Love the sky so beautiful!

    Love and miss you my friend!!!

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