Posted by : Karen Saturday, February 09, 2013

You know that saying? "It never rains, it pours"? Well folks that's how I feel this weekend! I cannot belive the pace of the last two weeks - a friend referred to life during the term as 'warp speed' once,  and I so feel like I'm living in that!

After our interesting start last week and our shocking first day of school, I had so hoped that this week would begin, and remain, better. And we did start better, and then things got a little complicated when on Tuesday an enormous fire threatened to devour the houses along the perimeter of the Estate we live in.

I was at the beach at the time (with two young Zimbabwean girls thrilled to be at the sea!), really enjoying a wind free beach at St James. I had deliberately left my phone in the car, in a rebellious state of just not wanting to be able to be reached all the time at every moment. So imagine my surprise when upon my return to the car I find 11 missed calls! From people I know well who do not panic!!!

I quickly realized how serious the situation was, and managed to raise my parents-in-law to try and get to the house to help. I am so thankful for my neighbors and friends within the Estate who lent a helping hand, as well as our twice a month gardener -without them, my house would not be standing today! So very thankful...but the ash? Well that's another covered the garden like black snow...

Cleaning up a house covered in ash is no small task...especially when one is trying to use one's mornings to homeschool! So again, another huge learning curve: what is homeschool really about? I know in my head that the fire was a real life learning experience, but the Perfectionist in me, the Box Ticker, cannot abide how many things we are 'not' getting done! So...a deep breath, and a letting go that this week is yet another one that has not gone according to 'plan'!

 For those of you interested, here's a video my father in law took to illustrate my point!


Overall, now at the end of week two, I can say it's gone better than than week one, although I have had to realize again just how different my children are. I am so thankful I have the privilege of homeschooling them and tailor making their education, although it is challenging and daunting at the same time. After having a tearful meltdown in Brent's arms the one night, I've had to tweak and adjust things, as Aragorn's learning styles are completely different to King Arthur's: it's the subtle challenge of carrying on stretching King Arthur, while at the same time supporting and encouraging Aragorn at the start of his journey. Bended knees people, and a good dose of tears!

Cape Explorers kicked off again this week, and when the outings are ones that I am personally responsible for it seems to knock me for a 6 (I guess especially after the week!). The outing went swimmingly, and I love those kids to bits...but, imagine my surprise then, thinking I was coming home to put my feet up and relax for a bit when I discovered our landlady had employed some folk to strip and replace a roof that has been leaking for years! In the pulling up of the old roof sheeting, ash had re-covered everything! Sob! And they weren't able to finish yesterday...and left a large hole...and so when it poured with rain today...well, need I say more? Sob sob!

So surely, surely, next week cannot top this?

Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Lose!!

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  1. Hey precious lady, rain is good it brings growth ;-) A wise mamma once told me: give yourself time to settle in ;-) It's taken us the first three weeks of school to start to feel like we are getting into a routine...starting, i said ;-) Looking forward to chatting to you on friday-it's been too long! p.s I LOVE the last pics of the kids: each character suits their little personalities perfectly!

  2. Karen says:

    I know! These first few weeks are always a killer! Appreciate the encouragement, and am also looking forward to seeing you on Friday! 11 hey? See you then sweet lady!

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