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These holidays were a little different for us as a family - usually we have a long list of things we want to do during the holidays, but these holidays I was so shattered form the term we kind of slumped into the holidays...and then it's only now as we come to the end of them that I'm starting to feel relaxed...unwound. I guess that's the point of a holiday! Thankfully Braveheart has agreed with me that we need to take another week off to fully recharge, and so we are - next week we've been given the opportunity to get away, and we are all looking forward to it!

Instead of the usual long list, each boy had only one desire really - King Arthur's was to have a Lego club at his house, and so each Wednesday he invited some friends round to play Lego with him the whole afternoon (if he'd had his way, there would have been a Lego Club all day every day! He even got upset the boys didn't want to play Lego the ENTIRE time they were here!). He had a wonderful time, and built some wonderful creations. I love how Lego is his absolute passion.

Aragorn on the other hand, wanted to have a restaurant. He wanted to cook and serve people and lay out tables and charge people. Plain and simple. And so after some thoughtful deliberation on my part, I decided I could probably manage a "tea-time" restaurant...and so one Saturday, we got to work...

First he designed the covers of the menus, and King Arthur wrote inside each one. Belle colored in the table numbers, and Braveheart helped Jonathan decide on prices - he chose a slice of chocolate cake to be his most expensive, at R4! It turned out to be this day long lesson in so many ways!

he wanted strawberry cup cakes.....

I love this shot! Oaty cherry biscuit hands!

My proud pleased with what he's made, waiting for patrons to arrive. It took
a whole day of baking, and I was so impressed that he never complained once!
Aragorn employed his siblings for the afternoon too - he asked Belle to be the Front of House, welcoming guests to their tables....

appointed King Arthur to be his waiter, and so he dressed for the part and took everyone's orders....

the guests at their tables...
And at the end, King Arthur added up their bills, and organised the change....

I loved spending this time with Aragorn, and it was very special for me to see how much this is a part of who he is - he absolutely loves being in the kitchen, and loves serving people. I'm interested to see where this will lead! He next wants to have a  "dinner time" restaurant, so I'll let you know when bookings are open! He used the money he made to pay his brother and sister for working for him, and combined with his pocket money, bought a toy he had been wanting for ages! I'm a proud mamma!

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  1. Shells says:

    Well done my precious Aragon - your a boy after my own heart - so proud of you!
    (Great photos of solstice Braveheart!!) Well done mom!

  2. So special, sorry we missed it! Glad to hear you'll be opening up again sometime ;-)

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