Posted by : Karen Tuesday, February 21, 2012

That's kind of what God is doing with me this year.

Making me stand up on my own two feet.

Constantly showing me how I have caved in during the past because of fear...

Urging me to stand tall and straight and be a woman of courage.

And I'm loving being led out. (ahem, most of the time. The other times? nah, i'm just plain scared! What if? what then? But how?)

Loving learning how to be brave...

Brave enough to be the glorious person He created me to be.

Because you see, when we each get that...

when you can see as clearly as He can see, how amazing you really are...

then there is such freedom, such joy, such grace for us all

to live in harmony with one another.

Such sweet food for our souls!

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