Posted by : Karen Saturday, September 10, 2011

The last couple of weeks for me have been heart sore ones.

Yet they've been laced with growth, and insight, and deep peace.

A dear, sweet, incredible lady  went home.

And in her death, I've realised how much her life bled out for Christ has taught me.

I've learned, as her dad shared at her memorial, that the opinions of people do matter, but that they should never inhibit me....

I've learned that my life looks different to hers, to others. And that there is reason for that.

But this life? This one that God has given me, is mine to live. Mine to grab a hold of by the neck and wring the very essence of it out.

In many ways, my life does not look like I expected it would. That's hard to explain in greater depth. But I've seen the choice I have. I can live with yearning for a life different to mine, or I can accept that God, in his great wisdom, knows what he is doing and why this life he has given to me indeed looks the way it does. This life, is for me and him. This life, the way it looks, is to draw me deeper into a relationship with him that He may be glorified. That's the point.

I am who God created ME to be. And when I really grasp that, and start living it, it is beautifully, wonderfully freeing...

I've seen for the first time that the deep desire of my heart to live the depth and breadth of my life has been honoured by God in giving me this gift of homeschooling my children. It really is a gift. Something that brings me such sweet joy...such delight. This journey of mine on this homescholing path is God's gift to me. O how sweet!

 And for me, there is such freedom in that.

May you too, find the gift that is in your life, whatever it may be, and the wonderful freedom that is yours to enjoy...

and here's a lovely link for you, in this beautiful blog, this post about the end of a season, the freedom, the truth that this journey of homeschooling is one to be followed on bended knee...

...join me in praying for Adrian, Hannah and Dan as they continue this journey...

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  1. Thanks for this K. Loved the post at the end, especially since our season is coming to an end too and I'm asking some of the same questions.
    Enjoyed reading what you shared about Nikki, those have been some of my thoughts too..her life truly glorified the Lord and has challenged me to think of how I am living mine and how it really doesn't matter what other's think as long as you are living out what He has led you to......thanks for your support and encouragement, love Nix

  2. Karen says:

    That post at the end has so liberated me too - and I really am so excited about what lies in store for you and your family...glad to have encouraged you!

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