Posted by : Karen Friday, August 26, 2011

I'm realizing on this journey of ours, that it's a constant learning curve. 
I'm learning what to stick to religiously in our days, 
and where to be flexible.

For us, that translates into something like
Math, reading and writing, 
the old three R's
 being super glued to our daily routine 
 for without their constant practice 
we both lose our momentum.

But today, being flexible about the start time of school, 
was so well worth it.
We grabbed hold of the moment with both hands, 
 and made the time.
We had it to ourselves bar one dog owner. 

And it made me realise again,
 that these sweet moments are so worth it. 
I needed the time to clear my head, 
something I best do in creation, 
King Arthur loved the freedom and collecting treasures
and we needed the time together.

And you know what amuses me? 
It was him who asked to leave the beach, 
to come home and do 'school'.
And because we had both been so rejuvenated
we completed everything we needed to 
in even less time than usual.

Sometimes, this journey seems so simple to me...

2 Responses so far.

  1. So wonderful to chat last night!! I love the photo of him obviously dragging a toe when he walks!!

    Miss you!!!

  2. Minali says:

    This is amazing Karen, so inspired by it! Thank you! What fun ways of learning for the kids! Am home schooling Maneka for the next term till we go back to Zim in Jan...yikes... Your pics are stunning too!

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