Posted by : Karen Sunday, July 10, 2011

If you live in Cape Town you will just have to agree with me that this weekend has just been STUNNING! Seriously, two days of blue skies, warm  air and glorious, glorious sunshine! What more could an outdoor loving family want?

Yesterday, we set off to hike to Noordhoek Peak, just above the Silvermine Dam with some dear friends...

Belle setting off with a purposeful stride
 We all looked at the map on the signpost at the car park carefully to begin with, but didn't think what looked like such a simple hike warranted us taking the book with us (Slingsby's Walks with a Fat Dog). We met a couple of people walking their dogs on the mountain, and chatted with them, and were directed OFF the jeep track (which the mountain bikers use) onto a path that was promised a short cut. Ahem. Can you see where this is going?

The 'short cut' was stunning - incredible views, but we ended up ABOVE the jeep track and not on it, and I'm fairly sure we walked along Steenberg ridge instead!

A very well kept trail
That's Silvermine Dam in the background

By the time we had scaled a few more peaks, the little people in our group were getting decidedly hot and bothered....

A somewhat fed up Aragorn!
And so we called it quits. So close to our final goal, but still so far! This supposedly simple hike is not recommended by me unless all your kids are at least 5 years or older, and you know exactly where you are going! And whatever you do, do not leave the jeep track - EVER!

But look at these views, in spite of not having reached the top, they were just incredible...and the kids loved paddling in the dam when we got back to the bottom!

Belle eating a wad of Pringles in all the shade she can find!
Today dawned another glorious day, so off we all went to Fisherman's beach.

Sea, sun sand and delighted giggles - isn't this what weekends are all about?

can you believe they were actually getting wet, in a cape sea,
in the middle of winter???

rock pools and star fish gathering

A fabulous wonderful winter (?) weekend! Hope yours was good too!

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