Posted by : Karen Monday, July 04, 2011

Sunday dawned with some patchy sunlight, and Braveheart's desire to have some solid family time. We were all much in need of it after a week that was too busy and emotionally draining. Initially we had wanted to hike to the waterfall one sees on the back of Table Mountain as one drives along the M3, but neither of us knew very much about it (any one of you done this hike?). So we opted for the closest waterfall to us, the one at Silvermine (the R5 car park fee side!).

this really is a very gentle amble for little people

A great spot for a break, and to soak up some sunlight after walking
in the shadow of the mountain!
This day also served as King Arthur's  "tooth party" - after two months of wiggling a tooth it finally came loose - his first one! So they each bought a treat of their choice, and we celebrated King Arthur's coming of age!

That patchy sunlight turned into some steady rain as we reached the bottom of the waterfall, so it became quite an adventure! Trying to shelter under some trees proved to be rather amusing, as did the 'swimming walking' back to the car! (Aaah, the positive spin we parents put on things!)

I'm not a height person so imagine how much I liked
sitting on this overhang above the waterfall!

Stunning isn't it? This is one outing we will repeat as soon as it warms up a bit more - looking forward to the end of winter and splashing around in the little pool at the bottom!

Strongly recommended by the clan!

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  1. Nikki says:

    Ooooo, lovely! We've been meaning to go back there for the winter waterfall but there just hasn't been a chance....thanks for giving me the motivation, perhaps this week-end!

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