Posted by : Karen Thursday, June 23, 2011

King Arthur and I headed to the beach first thing on Monday morning this week, to play some ball, and to do Math in a different setting. I had grand designs of doing sums in the sand...

And although we did do Maths for a little while, the morning was about so much more...

Just him, and me...

And endless unbridled joy

at being free

to run, jump, play, and be a boy.

I grinned just like a child,

enjoying his joy.

I watched King Arthur unfurl
I watched him straighten out his shoulders, breathe in deep, and be a child.
 I watched him embrace that morning with all of his being. 

A few weeks ago he came up to my side and said, "Mom, I don't know why, but I just feel so wild inside". Seeing him on the beach made me realize just how much energy yearns to be set free within his body. And I am so thankful that I paid heed to the Spirit's prompting that morning. I learnt two valuable lessons.

Firstly - doing Maths with him made me realize that because of his aversion to workbooks it is something I have neglected to do over the last little while. And King Arthur is rusty with some basic sums that he had no problem doing a few weeks ago. I was struck - Maths really is like mental gymnastics, and unless we allow them to practice and use those muscles they will forget even the simplest routines and drills. (I'm pretty confident one could explain this using synapses and neuro pathways, but let's stick with some sports analogies shall we?!). I need to strengthen his character, and work Maths in on a much more regular basis.

Amazing what one can learn on a God inspired beach trip huh?

And secondly, although there is a place for routine and structure I'm learning to listen. To hear that my son is only almost 7. That he is too young to be sitting at a table inside checking off boxes. He should be allowed space to be free, to be outside, to enjoy his childhood. He will have his whole life ahead of him to attain knowledge - goodness, I almost sound like an unschooler!

These moments, 
these Spirit led moments,
are moments of grace
They are gifts
To be treasured with open willing hands.

A truly incredible way to start the week.

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